30 October: Hallowe’en Reading at the Joyce Centre

Join us at the Joyce Centre at 6.30pm on Hallowe’en night where Peter Murphy will tell a tall tale of vagrant ghosts and the prating dead.

This event is free, but it’s ticketed as we want to keep it intimate. Tickets are available from the Joyce Centre here.

Twas three days I hid out in the caves of the Isle of Hell, resting my bones by day, waiting all the night for sign of e’er a smugglers’ boat. Godspelt truth that wait was tedious in the extreme but at last my luck cem good: as dusk was descending on the third long day I spied a wee motorboat coursing through the sound, its engine mufflered to a drone. Bootleggers to be sure. I watched from among the rocks while them snakey smugglers put ashore and rolled their petern drums up the slope towards their lair, and no sooner were they out of sight ner I legged it for the boat.