Jade Sharma

We’re devastated to learn of Jade’s death. Getting to work with her on her novel Problems was a privilege. Jade was an important new voice in literature: a smart, angry, funny and incisive author.

We emailed back and forth with Jade when we brought out our edition of Problems. Her emails were informal and enjoyably unvarnished, warm and sincere. We organised a photographer to take press shots of Jade. Tracie emailed us to say how much she loved working with Jade: that she was a true collaborator, that her favourite photo was the one at the window, and that she’d also insisted on having one taken with her dog, Gus. 

Jade also worked as a writing instructor for Catapult, and they have published moving tributes by some of her friends and colleagues. The page can be found here:


We are so proud to have published the brilliant and funny Problems. It’s challenging, original, upsetting and hilarious.

She will be missed.

The team at Tramp Press

Photo by Tracie Williams
Photo by Tracie Williams