News: Tramp Press to launch Tramp Press Audio

Tramp Press Audio will combine exceptional literary talent with an independent spirit, initially distributing through our own website

The audio imprint will launch on Monday 7th June 2021 with Corpsing: My Body and Other Horror Shows read by author Sophie White

Lisa Coen, Co-Director and Publisher, Tramp Press: ‘We are very excited to announce a big step for Tramp Press as we move into offering audiobooks to our readers. In previous co-publishing partnerships, we’ve really enjoyed hearing Tramp Press titles adapted for audio. We will always love beautiful print editions of our books, but we also love to have stories told to us from time to time. We are especially proud to launch Tramp Press Audio with the critically acclaimed bestseller Corpsing by Sophie White.’

Sophie White: ‘It was a career-first and definitely a career highlight to read a work of mine for its release in audiobook form. As a reader, I’m a huge fan of the audiobook particularly in terms of non-fiction, as I think it offers readers such an intimate experience of the work. Plus I can knit while I listen! I think the audiobook of Corpsing will be a lovely companion piece to the gorgeous print edition. It was at times challenging to read it but I hope I have done the work justice.’

Praise for Corpsing: My Body and Other Horror Shows by Sophie White:

Brilliant. A raw feast of insight into the grotesque and joyous reality of being, particularly in a female body, from pregnancy, blood cravings, to the mundane horror of grief. White reminds us living is a phenomenon. I read this like I was sucking marrow from a bone.

Caelainn Hogan

Sophie White leads us by the hand through a purgatorio of grief, mental illness, addiction and pandemic. Her experience and wisdom speak to this strange time.

Mike McCormack

Sarah Davis-Goff, Co-Director and Publisher, Tramp Press: ‘Of all the books I’ve consumed in the last year, nearly half have been audiobooks: for anyone who for whatever reason can’t hold a book, for anyone who is multitasking, they really solve an accessibility problem, and an outstanding performance from a reader can really give literature a new lease of life. We’re delighted to present the work of our world-class authors in a new way.’

The Corpsing audiobook will be available from our website shop from Monday.

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