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Sara Baume’s new novel Seven Steeples

We’re thrilled to share news of upcoming book events! We missed them, we’ve missed you, and so we have a busy spring to enjoy together. Seven Steeples by Sara Baume On the 7th of April we will publish Sara Baume’s new novel, Seven Steeples. It’s beautiful, compelling work, and you’re going to love it.  Bell and Sigh, […]

Pre-order our 2022 Titles

Pre-order Seven Steeples by Sara Baume From Kennys (pre-order here for a signed, limited edition dustjacket) The Gutter Bookshop here Dubray here Pre-order The Horse of Selene by Juanita Casey Pre-order Where I End by Sophie White

Tramp Press Bookshop of the Month: Gutter Bookshop, Dublin

Name & Job Title: Marta Starosta, Festival & Online Manager/BooksellerBookshop Name: The Gutter Bookshop Tell us about your bookshop. Each of the Gutter Bookshops is an oasis of calm, a treasure trove with hidden gems where all your bookish dreams can come true. We’ll be turning 12 this year as a company (started by Bob […]

Browser 16: Spaghetti! Rigatoni! Orecchiette!

What we’re browsing, watching, reading, eating Online Laura Waddell [LW]: This article is a couple of years old but has been doing the rounds again. Dave Holmes writing in Esquire posits there’s a lost era of music, roughly from 2003 to 2012, where we no longer access the mediums we listened to music through (think […]

Tramp Press Bookshop of the Month: Lighthouse, Edinburgh

Name & Job Title: Mairi, Owner/BooksellerBookshop Name: Lighthouse – Edinburgh’s Radical Bookshop What makes this bookshop special? We’re a bookshop with a mission – we believe passionately in the power of books to affect change, to be part of shaping new narratives and feeding radical imagination. You’ll see this borne out in the team we […]

Browser 15: I Hope the Fishmonger is Vaccinated

What we’re browsing, watching, reading, eating Online Laura Waddell [LW]: The level of control Britney Spears has been subject to is incredibly disturbing. This is a detailed long read by Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino on how the conservatorship she’s under has isolated and disenfranchised her, wrestling control of all aspects of her life away […]