Sophie White


I cannot keep it straight in my head that he’s dead.

I tell her about the two wasted days I spent trying to imagine how decomposed his body was, only to remember that we had cremated him, his body was no more. She turned back to me and took my wrist.
‘Well you know he’s here …’
I f
elt the familiar weariness I always get when confronted with other people’s spirituality, but then she finished,
‘ … in my house.’

In this vivid and ambitious collection, Sophie White is a uniquely articulate
witness to the horrors of grief, addiction, mental illness, and the casual and
sometimes hilarious cruelty of life.

We are thrilled to announce that Corpsing has been shortlisted for the prestigious Michel Déon award!

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Praise for Corpsing

‘An essential collection of flaying honesty and beauty in every perfectly formed sentence. It will stay with me for a very long time.’

‘Provocative and profound, full of brutal truths and unexpected humour.’
‘Brilliant. A raw feast of insight into the grotesque and joyous reality of being, particularly in a female body, from pregnancy, blood cravings, to the mundane horror of grief. White reminds us living is a phenomenon. I read this like I was sucking marrow from a bone.’
‘Sophie White leads us by the hand through a purgatorio of grief, mental illness, addiction and pandemic. Her experience and wisdom speak to this strange time.’

Sophie White

Sophie White is a writer and podcaster from Dublin. Her first two books, Recipes for a Nervous Breakdown (Gill 2016) and Filter This (Hachette, 2019) have been bestsellers and award nominees. Her third, Unfiltered (Hachette, 2020) was described by Marian Keyes as 'such fun – gas, clever stuff', and described by White's mother as 'very good, of its type'.

Sophie writes regularly for various Irish publications including a weekly column 'Nobody Tells You' for the Sunday Independent LIFE magazine, and has been nominated three times for Journalist of the Year at the Irish Magazine Awards. Sophie has also dabbled in stand-up, and created the mini-series 'Recipes For Actual Real Life' commissioned by RTÉ. She is co-host of the chart-topping podcasts, Mother Of Pod and The Creep Dive. She lives in Dublin with her husband and three sons.